Regeno Bio Bags

Regeno’s biodegradable carry bags are here to replace regular single use plastic carry bags once and for all. These bio bags look like plastic bags, they work like them, but they do not contain a single bit of plastic in them. They are made from vegetable starch and are completely biodegradable in 3-4 months. They are also soluble in water, and even safe for animal consumption.

  • Looks like plastic, but “it is not” plastic
  • Contains no polyolefin plastic, made from all natural extracts and resins
  • Biodegradable and bio compostable in nature
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Antistatic properties
  • Oil resistance
  • Recyclable with paper
  • Dissolvable in high temperature water
  • Can be printed and shaped like regular poly carry bags
  • Safe for animals to consume.

Our bags can replace plastics in multiple places like Shopping bags, Carry bags, Garment bags, Laundry bags, Garbage bags, Aprons , Films/Sheets, Wrapping covers, Pet Waste Bags, Seat Covers and so on.

Product List

Product Sample Type Size Width X Length
CMs (INCHs) approx
Griphole Bag Small 20 x 30 (8 x 12)
Griphole Bag Medium 25 x 40 (10 x 15)
Griphole Bag Large 35 x 50 (13 x 20)
W Carry Bag Small 26/16 x 35 (6 x 13)
W Carry Bag Medium 35/21 x 40 (8 x 16)
W Carry Bag Large 41/25 x 50 (10 x 20)
Garbage Bag Medium 40 x 60 (16 x 24)

Regeno Tableware

Regeno’s biodegradable tableware are eco-friendly biodegradable alternatives to regular plastic tableware. We offer solutions in a variety of materials like areca, sugarcane bagasse etc. They can be customized according to the required shapes and sizes. Please contact us for more details.

Regeno Products