Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is biodegradation ?

Biodegradation is a chemical process in which materials are metabolized to CO2, water, and biomass with the help of microorganisms. The process of biodegradation depends on the conditions (e.g. location, temperature, humidity, presence of microorganisms, etc.) of the specific environment (industrial composting plant, garden compost, soil, water, etc.) and on the material or application itself. Consequently, the process and its outcome can vary considerably.

How long do the Regeno bags take to biodegrade ?

While traditional Plastics products may take upto thousand years to degrade, Regeno bags biodegrade within 3-6 months depending on where it is being disposed.

What are these Regeno bags made of ?

They are primarily made of vegetable starch like tapioca, corn etc along with some other natural extracts and resins and DO NOT contain polyethylene or polypropylene.

If these bags are soluble in water, will they dissolve in the rain ?

No. These bags are soluble only in boiling water so they will not dissolve in the rain. They will however slightly loosen depending on the intensity of the rain.

If these bags dissolve in water are they harmful to the nature ?

No, they are not. They are completely anti toxic and will not harm the animals or the environment.

What are the colors used in the bags ?

The colors used are natural dyes and are also anti toxic and environment friendly.

Where can we use the bags ?

Potential applications are numerous. We can use these bags in almost every avenue plastic bags are being used.

  • Food services
  • Agriculture/horticulture
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive
  • Consumer goods and household appliances

Are oxo-fragmentable plastic bags same as biodegradable bags ?

Please do not mistake oxo- fragmentable for biodegradable bags. Oxo-fragmentable plastic bags will only break down into smaller pieces over time but will not biodegrade or compost likewise.

How and where do we buy the bags ?

We are finalizing distributors and partners for multiple regions. Once finalized we will update their contacts on our website so you can contact them for our products.